In the beginning…!!!!!!


Hi people……
Excited to have you stop by and share with us our journey. So as a first step we thought you should get to know abit about us then later share our experiences.

I’m Nyake the girl er… female( sounds like a health class) #makini. 5′ 4″ height, bubbly and quite noisy. In the Makini equation i head the department of craziness and random ideas (and its work. Ill be sharing some photos later on)


And i’m the man of this house (just had to say that) and owner of the name Makini (yes, its on my birth certificate). 5′ 6” brown eyes, short hair and occasional goatee; quiet and very introspective making me the conspirator and strategist. I have the spectacles to prove it.

Most importantly though, we are a couple (this word!!!) who aspire to live each day growing more and more like HIM and in love. We aim to share our experiences and love stories to HIS glory and help our fellow brethren.

We hope you find the joy that is in loving and being loved.